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Wellbeing Support through Visyon

How you can get support

The best way for you to get support is the easiest, give us a call! Whether it's you who calls or a parent or your school, get in touch with us and we'll be able to tell you what happens next. Here's our office number, we're open from 9am to 8pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 5pm on Fridays - 01260 290000.

Or, text your name and phone number/email address to 07508 074748 and a Visyon Worker will contact you to explore how we can help.

Please note this is a text service only. We cannot guarantee that Voicemail messages will be listened to.

Visyon will attempt to call you back within 2 working days of your text.

After we have called you back, we will delete your details from our phone. Information about you will only be stored on our database if we make contact with you.

Support for parents

One of the most underrated things in the entire world is how truly difficult a job it is to be a parent. We're constantly hearing about the multitude of ways in which the world we live and raise our children in affects their development, but rarely do you find a place of support, safety and non-judgement for those individuals and couples who have taken on the most difficult task of their life. We offer Open Access sessions to both parents and young people where you can talk to staff members and get advice on what to do next and what services we provide for both you and your children! Find out more about how you can get support by clicking the button below.

Support for young people

Since returning from the Easter break Visyon are now offering our full range of telephone and online services. While we are providing support remotely our offer has changed slightly so that we are acting in line with government guidance.

​Visyon will be releasing weekly schedules here so that you can stay up to date with what’s going on.

Any young person (13+) or parent can call us if they need a space to talk, no issue is too small and it does not have to be Covid related. We are here to listen call us on 01260 290000, text on 07508074748 or email: We have open access appointments available at various times and days in the week so will work to find one that fits.

We will be sharing information and tips for looking after the emotional health of your family online. Like our Facebook and Instagram page @visyonltd to find out more.

Our counsellors and wellbeing workers have been in contact with existing clients to find out the best way to offer support. Together they have agreed what that looks like it may be over the telephone, online or to wait until face to face meetings can resume. If you know an existing client who feels like they need more help they can call us on 01260 290000 for a chat.

We are taking new referrals as normal. Just call us on 01260 290000 and we will talk through our next steps. We only work with the consent of the referral so ideally we would want the young person/carer to call us themselves.

If you're a child or young person living in Cheshire, then guess what - we will try our best to support you the best way we can! Whether that's by supporting you ourselves, or pointing you in the direction of someone who would be able to support you more than we would. We can offer you a range of services, from counselling, to wellbeing groups, to mentoring, and the amazing thing? You don't just have to stick to one, if you find that a different form of support would suit you better then we'll do our best to help that happen and support you however we can.


Our aim in school is to support students who may be struggling with all kinds of issues. These may be issues which are short term and may be support around resilience but also those with longer-term issues building support about how to help in and out of school.

One strategy we are encouraging is mindfulness.

General Mental Health Support

Support for Boys and Men

Mindfulness Apps