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Local Markets Information

Information about local and national labour markets can help students make informed choices about future study and training. There are likely to be more job opportunities within growth industries.

Careerometer, from LMI for All, can be used to not only explore but also compare UK headline data and key labour market information. 

If you are interested in finding out the UK average hourly, weekly, and annual pay along with the number of hours in the average working week, plus the projected workforce change, just click “Display the UK average” on any of the cards. If you are interested in a specific career, you can click within the square on any of the cards, type in the career you have in mind, and choose from the drop-down list. For that particular role, as well as the pay/hours and workforce change, you will also see a short description of the occupation. If you have 2-3 careers in mind, do the same on the other cards for a quick and easy way to compare, or compare the careers you have in mind against the UK average.

Although employment projections can support the career decision-making process, they should not be used in isolation. Your willingness to be a lifelong learner, qualifications, work/life balance preferences, likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, and goals are just a few other factors to consider. 

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The National Careers Service website enables people to browse profiles of 800 different types of jobs or by employment sector to ascertain the skills and qualifications needed. People can also read about what the work would be like, the average salary that can be expected, and career prospects.