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Maintaining Consistency and Maximising School Term Time

Dear Parents and Carers,

Wednesday, 04 October 2023

Request for term time holidays

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this letter finds you well. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the importance of maintaining consistency and maximizing school term time for your child's education.

Recently we have received a number of requests for authorised absence to take children out of school for term time holidays. As family holidays are not exceptional circumstances these requests have been declined.

As you may already be aware, there are legal regulations in place regarding taking students on holiday during term time. Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 states that parents are required to ensure their child attends school regularly, and any unauthorised absence during term time can result in penalties.

We understand the desire for family holidays, but it's essential to consider the impact on your child's education. Regular attendance in school allows them to benefit fully from the curriculum and educational experiences we offer. Missing school days can disrupt their learning and progress.

To emphasise the seriousness of this matter, we want to make it clear that parents who take their children out of school for a family holiday during term time may face a fixed penalty notice. This notice carries a monetary penalty and legal consequences, which we all want to avoid.

At Church Lawton we are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive educational environment for all our students, particularly during term time. These dedicated periods allow us to focus on specific educational initiatives, enhance learning experiences, and foster a sense of community within our school.